My beautiful Milan

Six years have passed since I saw you last time, my beautiful Milan.

It’s a short period for the natural flow of the time and it’s a long one for my life which is always changing too quickly.

I’ve been calling you Home for a while, Milan, and it’s such a weird feeling to see you again after a long time.

During these years I’ve changed a lot … and you, Milan?

Duomo my beautiful Milan

You are beautiful.
More beautiful than I remembered.

Maybe because – as I was told – you have been spic and span for last year’s Expo.

Or maybe it’s that I’m visiting you during one of your most lively events, the Salone del Mobile.

Vincenzo Monti street my beautiful Milan

You are so gorgeous, my beautiful Milan.
And during these years I almost forgot that.

The Duomo – finally free from any scaffolding – is beautiful.
And your boundless tree-lined boulevards are beautiful too. The Vittorio Emanuele Galleries are beautiful.
Your hidden courtyards.
Even the tram clatter is beautiful.

navigli Milan
Vittorio Emanuele Gallery my beautiful Milan
tram in Milan

I don’t have much time to spend with you, Milan.
But I feel like to go where I used to hang out while I was living in here years ago. The aperitifs at the Colonne, the editorial office at the Arco della Pace, the books haul at 10 Corso Como and the CDs one at Serendeepity,  the coffees at Fioraio Bianchi.

Everything seems the same.
Everything seems changed.

Arco della Pace Milan
10 Corso Como exterior
Coffee at Fioraio Bianchi my beautiful Milan

There isn’t space just for memories.
There is also plenty of new stuff, as you definitely are not a dawdler, Milan.

Here you are, the Porta Garibaldi skyscrapers are dazzling me and the Fuorisalone creative mess is embracing me.

Even if I gave my best, I have the impression that I was able to attend just the half of all all the events that were animating your streets during the week.

As I was really knackered I decided to have a break. The Nap Room held by Vanity Fair at the Tearose boutique and Welcome Home, an event organised by Ikea Italia in collaboration with Gnambox, were the best spots where to relax.

I then literally got lost at Eataly, and certainly couldn’t leave without filling my expat bag up with made in Italy delicacies.

Vanity Fair nap room
Welcome Home
Eatitaly Milan

While on the Malpensa Express I promise myself to come back in a short while.

Arrivederci my beautiful Milan, see you soon!

Sforzesco Castle in Milan

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