My favourites colourful spots in London

I know, I know…  in London the sky is quite often grey. Pitch grey. But when the sun finally decides to come out, every corner of this beautiful city reflects a different light, and everything seems to be more beautiful.

As a Londoner I know it very well, and since I have been living here I’ve learnt to hunt for colourful spots in London everywhere.

Believe it or not, even in London you may find colours… Want a proof?

Colourful spots in London: streets

Some London yards – true colour blasts – are the perfect panacea even for the greyest day. My favourite is Neal’s Yard, a hidden gem short away from the Covent Garden din.

Picking the right way to get there is not that easy – I always get it wrong! :’D – but when you finally find it your heart and your eyes fill up with colour and joy!

Neal's Yard colourful spots in London
colourful spots in London The Frilly Diaries

The red thing

London would not be London without its phonebox, double-decker and mailbox red spots.

They are a real institution and I just love to bump into them while strolling around.

Basically you can find these colourful spots in London everywhere and it is so good!

red mailbox in London
red phonebox colourful spots in London

Colourful spots in London: houses

I keep finding new colourful spots in London everywhere.

And every time I find a new one, it makes me smile.

But what about the colourful houses in London?

I’ve found dozen of them at every corner of the city, and often I try to imagine how it feels to live in such a joyful environment.

In some streets the “most colourful door house” competition is really getting going.

The result? Please judge yourself by these pictures!

colourful spots in London - houses in Notting Hill

green and blue houses in Notting Hill
pink houses in Portobello road London

Well, I hope that it is now clear why I disagree when someone tells me that London is a grey city…

There is plenty of colour here.

You just need to look for it.

colourful spots in London The Frilly Diaries

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