My quarantine: a brand new me

The sun has been shining for days, out there. Every now and then, coming across its warm spring rays between rooms, I say hello.

My trusted four-legged friend Tina is looking at me with a dejected expression. She has been by my side for almost fourteen years and we’ve been through a lot together, but seeing me smiling and talking to the sun it’s really too much for her.

I’m sorry Tina, that’s part of  my quarantine.

I talk to my dog ever since. So, no, I’m not going crazy. But during this 24/7 cohabitation I’ve been observing her more often. And I’ve been fascinated by her ability to adapt to the situations.

I’m sure she had sensed something was wrong, and I’ve no doubt she didn’t like our lockdown new habits. But she adjusted once again.

I must confess I often have sought comfort in her calmness.
These days more than ever.

It’s crazy how much these little guys can help you understand through their easiness.

And it’s incredible how situations as the one we are currently experiencing can teach you in such a short time.

The list of things I’ve learnt during this endless quarantine is long and I’m constantly updating it, here below I’ve tried to sum up my main considerations, to be continued….

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Although I’ve always valued its meaning, I’ve never dwelt on this word relevance.

Resilience: the ability to face the difficulties with a positive attitude, being able to turn weakness into strength and the impossible into possible.

Resilience it’s my new favourite word.

I have to say it took me a long time to process all that was going on around me.

At the beginning of this nightmare I filled my mind with news, numbers and statistics.

I broke down into pieces several times, I cried and I’ve been f*****g scared. I’ve been worried about my health and about people I love (in addition, most of them are living in different countries, each one of them with their own rules and ways of dealing with this emergency.

I kind of enjoyed wallowing in my own anxiety, I’ve been uselessly motionless.

I then decided enough was enough.

I’m still scared, just to make this clear. Above all because no one seems to have certain information about this monster. On the other side, being a freelance, I’m gripped by doubts about my future.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to reinvent my entire life, and I’m looking forward to getting new rewards and to fighting for what I believe in.

My quarantine: the positive side

I have the deepest respect for all those who have been involved in this pandemic, but I can’t help noticing that, despite its tragic nature, this awful period will leave us something good.

And I think of the cleaner air of our cities, the transparent water of my Venice and of the nature revenge on human exploitation.

I then think of the huge amount of time I was able to dedicate to the people and things I love, of all the books I’m having the opportunity to read and of all the phone calls made with absolute no rush.

I think about the underway makeover of some corners of my home, which has been able to protect me and to infuse me calm as never before…

and about the pleasant slowness of my days.

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What I’ve learned

Among the many things my quarantine has taught me, I put my time re-organisation first.

As it’s not easy not to have schedules or deadlines. And with no trains or flights to catch it has been even harder for me.

After an initial bewilderment, I then tried to cope with it with a positive and constructive attitude. I’ve been making lists for pretty much everything, trying to plan my days in the best possible way. Every morning I set the alarm at seven o’clock and I tried to give myself deadlines.

I made an effort to be productive, no matter what.

The lockdown has also forced me to reconsider the way I was living before all this happened. I’m trying to minimise waste and I’m striving to be more consumption conscious.

I want to shop in a smarter way, favouring local markets and shops.

When this emergency ends, I hope not to forget again to be grateful for what I have.

In other words, I wish this damn quarantine will guide me through a brand new me.

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