Napolitudine, my weekend in Naples

Someone should apologise to my neighbours on my behalf: it has been a week I’m livening up their days with Pino Daniele background music. He’s one of the greatest Italian song writers but I think I did exaggerate, poor neighbours. :’D

Pino for breakfast, Pino under the shower, Pino for dinner and Pino again before going to bed… it has been my obsession and it’s my weekend in Naples to blame.

It’s Naples’ fault.
A city people say everything and nothing about.
A city that fascinates you.
Seduces you.

Vesuvio vulcan my weekend in Naples The Frilly Diaries
Naples bench with Pino Daniele song

It’s Naples’ streets fault, it’s the people warmth, the breath- taking  glimpses, it’s the smell of the sea and of the fried calzone, it’s the nostalgia that besieged you when you leave the Gulf.
They call it Napolitudine – an authentic Naples nostalgia state – and I’m completely on it… how could it be otherwise?

This city just roles you up,  like  Pino Daniele’s songs that  embrace you  at every single corner… and you just can’t have enough of it!
The reason could be the atmosphere  – a laid-back liveness and a deep blues mix – or  Naples’ unbelievable beauty: the Cristo Velato left me breathless  to say nothing of the Castel de l’OvoMaschio Angioino, Monastero di Santa Chiara and of the Plebiscito square.

Maschio Angioino castle my weekend in Naples
Saint Chiara Monastery Naples
Plebiscito square naples

History, culture, music, yummy food and chaos, a lot of chaos.

What else to say… I’m completely satisfied of my weekend in Naples and I’ve got the feeling I  waited  too long to come to this city which I hope to visit again very soon.

Smania ‘e turna!

delicious Sorbillo pizza my weekend in Naples The Frilly Diaries


Soriano 44 (bed&breakfast with a strategic position, few steps away from the central Dante Square,  enchanting terrace for breakfast and precious tips of the very kind owner Angela)

Le Shabby Café God knows what I had to do to bring the delicious fiocchi di neve (typical pastry stuffed with ricotta and cream) on the plane… it’s a pity they finished too early :P)

Trattoria Nenella  You can’t go to Naples without experiencing a dinner here, spiced up with songs, dances and insults the waiters distribute. As the place  is very popular, during the weekend the queue could be very long and draining but that’s  part of the game.

Libreria Berisio  I bumped into it while I was having a walk after dinner. In taking a look through the windows I got curious and decided to get in. The atmosphere is  special :  soft lights, live music and the walls are covered up by books: any better way to end my day ?

PAN, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli. Here I visited the Steve McCurry: without borders. An amazing exhibit dedicated to one of the most popular contemporary photographers  (the Afghan girl shot appeared on the National Geographic is one of his shots, for instance).

It was an emotional journey between different cultures, ethnic groups and  religions from all over the world. McCurry spread all of it through his beautiful pics.


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