Ten days in Portugal + a visit to Seville

The Frilly Diaries in Sevilla Spain

Can’t wait to get off.
A city that doesn’t want to reveal itself, dancing alternately with the Ocean, is just pushing my well known impatient curiosity over the limits.

After many tumbling caused by the strong wind, my plane has finally landed in Lisbon.

Shame on me I didn’t take a pic of the silly sign my friend Giorgia was holding at the Arrivals where she was waiting for me.

We always mock each other, and although we don’t live in the same country anymore, we enjoy meeting between a gate and an other every now and then.

25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon


This time our tour started in Lisbon, a colourful but sloppy city, both majestic and down-to-earth. Gloomy and pleasing as the fado – the popular Portuguese music – which you can hear around every corner.

We got lost on purpose into the alleys maze which every time unveiled a different overview or perspective from the previous one.

Here and there we admired the amazing azulejos – the Portuguese ceramic tiles – that you can find literally everywhere, even where you wouldn’t dare imagine.

blue house in Lisbon
azulejos in Lisbon ten days in Portugal
Lisbon streets

We started from the Belém Tower and the impressive Jerónimos Monastery, both part of the Unesco Heritage.

We then walked through Praça do Comércio, the most important city square where the Arco da Victória hosts well-known Portuguese characters statues such as the explorer Vasco da Gama.

Strolling around through rua Augusta, we reached the Sao Jorge Castle which is situated on the highest hill of the city from where you can admire all its charm.

Belem tower in Lisbon

The day after we decided to take a journey inside the journey and we started to queue for the legendary tram 28, which passes through Lisbon’s most beautiful spots.

I have to admit that although the crowd and the long wait, it really worth it. And I was so lucky to have a window seat from which I was able to appreciate the everyday life of a slow but lively city.

Ten days in Portugal: Sagres

Giorgia and I love to explore and we definitely are not a “comfy holiday kinda girls”.

So, after a couple of days in Lisbon, we decided to pack our suitcases and to continue our ten days in Portugal heading to Sagres, on the extreme South West of the country.

Here we enjoyed to taste the local specialities – and of course the namesake beer 😀 – relaxing on the beach and renting bikes to reach one of the most magical places my eyes have ever seen.

Well, the ride was kind of difficult as we were upwind, but Cabo de São Vicente – which is the most West Europe point – is a place which leaves you speechless.

You can just live it.
Breath it.

The enormous waves shatter into the majestic cliffs on the sea and you hear only the sound of the wind.

In addition, at sunset, the sun literally blends into the Ocean… Now I understand why this place is also known as “the end of the world”…

Cabo-Sao-Vincente-ten days in Portugal

Ten days in Portugal: Lagos

After the poetry of Sagres, we changed tune and we decided to go to Lagos, a lively seaside resort where you can find some of the most famous Algarve beaches.

boats in Lagos Portugal

Our hostel was right downtown so we spent the afternoon strolling around the main streets. We then had dinner at Casinha do Petisco, a restaurant recommended by the receptionist: an absolute gem!

The night in the hostel was not that easy because of some noisy drunk 20 year old guys. Our neighbours were so exasperated that they had to call the police to shut them up… blessed youth! 😀

The day after we went to the discovery of the Dona AnaDo Camilo and Do Pinhão beaches. We couldn’t decide which one was the most beautiful as they were all outstanding!

Dona Ana beach ten days in Portugal
sand in Algarve beaches
Algarve beach ten days in Portugal

We even allow ourselves a boat grotto tour, guided by a folklorish captain. While speaking a hilarious Portuguese-English-Spanish mix, he showed us around the cliffs. Better not to contradict him: he could get offended! 😀

grotto boat tour ten days in Portugal
ten days in Portugal beach view


Giorgia and I decided to end our ten days in Portugal with a visit to Seville in Spain

It was extremely hot, but being under the outstanding la Torre del Oro at sunset helped to get the 40 degrees temperature tolerable.

Torre del Oro Seville

We walked through the centre of the city admiring the Cattedrale, the Giralda, the ancient minaret and the Royal Palace Alcázar.

We then entered the Barrio de Santa Cruz narrow streets and trees-lined little squares maze, losing ourselves in the cheerful mood that lingering every corner.

The day after I said bye to Giorgia who had to leave to Italy early in the morning.

My flight for London was luckily leaving late in the evening, so I set out for my personal Seville discover.

I felt excited as a little girl on Xmas morning, uncertain on which present to open first.
With this wonderful feeling I headed to Triana, a popular borough where many famous bullfighters and flamenco dancers were born.

taberna antigua Barberia Seville
El patio Sevillano Seville
Plaza del Toro Seville

Through the namesake bridge I arrived to Plaza del Toro, the most ancient bullfight square, and I then continued to Parque de Maria Luisa where there are about 3500 trees.

I finally got to the stunning Plaza de España, where a free literary encounter was being hosted.

Here, surrounded by beautiful fountains and colourful ceramics, I traveled through all our ten day in Portugal tour stop-overs again.

And while doing this I was smiling, of course.

ten days in Portugal and a visit to Seville detail of Plaza Espana

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