Tradition and colour: the magic of Burano Island

It’s like diving into a big rainbow.

Nestled in the peaceful Venetian Lagoon, Burano is a colourful oasis that will leave you breathless.

Once here, you have the feeling of taking a leap in time, and the fact that reaching it is not that quick makes it even more special.

Burano is tradition, peace and colour.

There are no cars here, and you move around by boat (topa) or on foot. It all seems suspended in a reality of its own, and it is a beautiful feeling.

Everything flows slowly, to the rhythm of nature that surrounds it.

colourful houses island of Burano

The Island of Burano: the colourful houses   

Legend has it that the rainbow coloured houses were painted by the fishermen who wanted to be sure to recognize their own once back from the long and misty fishing trips.

The most colourful of all, the house of Bebi Suà, is a real chromotherapy session.
Bepi, born Giuseppe Toselli, is not here anymore, but for years he had enriched the exteriors walls of his house with geometric shapes and patterns, to the delight of anyone happening to pass by.

The open-air cinema, screened on a white sheet hanging on the front door wall, is another reason why everyone remembers with a smile Bepi’s house, which is a real institution of the island.


Handmade lace tradition                                                                                                                    

The lace Museum, located in Galuppi Square, testifies to the importance of the ancient art which Burano is recognize for all over the world.

You can enjoy this tradition by observing the numerous ladies sitting outside their front door while busy embroidering between a chat and the other. 

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Do not leave Burano without having first contemplated its peculiar leaning bell tower and visited Remigio Barbaro’s house, whose sculptures are scattered all over the island.                

Do not miss San Martino Vescovo church, inside which you can admire, among the other works, a painting by Gian Battista Tiepolo.

Also, do not forget to taste one of the island’s delicious culinary delights.
In Burano you can taste the traditional sweets bussolà or l’Esse, the risotto di go (a typical Venetian lagoon fish known in the rest of Italy as ghiozzo) or the moeche (crabs without shell caught with nets in spring and autumn).

colourful houses of Burano island

For a postcard photo, I suggest to go to Pescaria Vecia or to climb on the wooden bridge that connects three different banks, known as Tre ponti.
From up here you can enjoy a spectacular view, with a tiny Venice in the distance.

If you have enough time, just off the ponte lungo bridge that connects Burano to the nearby island of Mazzorbo, you can find the Tenuta Venissa.
Here, in its vineyard, the dorona grape are cultivated, a Venetian Lagoon autochthonous variety.

It is a magical place you can not miss, as well as San Francesco Del Deserto island, a few minutes by boat from Burano, which is inhabited only by friars.

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