Mini guide of my city: what not to miss in Venice

I’m lucky: I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Venice certainly needs no introductions and I’m so deeply in love with it that I enjoy even all its flaws.
One of my favourites pastime is to stroll aimlessly around its calli – narrow streets – and I highly recommend it to everyone who is willing to visit it, because its magic is often revealed in unexpected corners of beauty.

For those who would like a couple of tips instead, below you will find a very personal mini guide of some places not to be missed in Venice. They are my favourites ones where I never get tired of being back to and where you can still find a bit of local spirit.

Obviously in Venice there are plenty of other interesting things to see, impossible to enclose them all in one article.
In the coming weeks I will do my best to write more posts – maybe divided by sestieri, namely districts – with a lot of tips to ensure you a memorable stay in my city.

strolling around Venice the Frilly Diaries blog


One of the first things I did, after the lockdown ended in Italy, was to rush and visit this green paradise.
The feeling of well-being that I had strolling around the paths with the Lagoon view was unbelievable.

Created in 1806 by Napoleon a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, the Royal Gardens are a 5000 sq m green island which have been recently renovated.

I recommend you to visit them in the spring, when they explodes with colours, and possibly early in the morning to enjoy their peace even more.

not to miss in Venice:The Royal Gardens
The Frilly Diaries blog Giardini Reali Venezia


In Venice there is only one square, the famous Saint Mark’s, dominated by the basilica and the bell tower. The rest of the large spaces surrounded by buildings are called campi – fields -, once the centre of the commercial, social and religious life of the city.

Even if I suggest visiting them all while imagining their lively ancient daily life, my favourite is Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio, one of the few that are still frequented by Venetians.

Here you can meet grandparents and children playing together, and I have to say that the carefree daily life of this campo always puts me in a good mood.

In mid-July do not miss the charity festival: ten days of good food, music and plenty of fun.

Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio Venice


Halfway between a bookshop and a bistrot, Sulla Luna is a hidden gem.
Among its shelves you can find a wide selection of silent books and a lot of illustrated books, which you can appreciate even more sipping a tea or a glass of prosecco self-produced by the owners.
Make sure to try even the excellent handmade cakes or the vegetarian dishes.

Sulla Luna is a place with an enchanted atmosphere where I go to recharge my energy.

If you can, during the summer, sit at one of the outside tables overlooking the canal for an even more evocative experience.


Speaking of recharging your energy, one of the places to visit in Venice to regenerate yourself is without a doubt the Serra dei Giardini.

An authentic oasis of peace, it is one of a kind: a café, an educational workshop and a plants and flowers shop, all in one.

I love to reach it after a long walk through the Arsenale and the Giardini (other two places of my city I adore) and every time I come out with a smile.
The Serra dei Giardini is really good for the hearth.

not to miss in Venice: la Serra dei Giardini


Another special place for me, this peculiar shop is located a short walk from Campo Santo Stefano, in the historic centre.

Teod’amar is a riot of colours and uniques interior design items, originals beach towels and soft and super fashion furlane (the typical velvet footwear once used by the Venetians gondoliers) all created by local artisans.

It’s impossible to get in and out of this shop empty-handed.


Ultimate art city, Venice has an endless selection of museums and galleries.

Obviously they are all interesting but I’m particularly fond La Casa dei Tre Oci. It always hosts some noteworthy photographic exhibitions and is located in a secluded position compared to the crowdy centre alleys but is still in front of Saint Mark’s Square, so it has an incomparable charm.

Casa dei Tre Oci Venice Italy


From up here you can definitely enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city.
Eighty steps of a spiral staircase – bovolo in Venetian – and your eyes will be entranced by a breathtaking panorama.

The best moment to visit Scala Contarini del Bovolo is early in the morning or during the sunset and, if you are lucky, you will be able to hear even the tolling bells of Saint Mark’s tower, for a 360-degree magic.

Scala del Bovolo Venice The Frilly Diaries
not to miss in Venice: Scala del Bovolo

These were some of my favourite places in Venice.

I hope that my tips will be useful when you will come and visit my beautiful city.
Let me know what you think and… stay tuned!
In the coming weeks I will publish more mini guides dedicated to Venice!


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